Food administration inspects four McDonald’s outlets in Shanghai

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Shanghai_China : Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Administration raided four McDonald’s restaurants in the city on Thursday and didn’t find food safety problems,

Russia orders U.S. to cut diplomats in response to sanctions

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Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida said Japan joins US in imposing new sanctions on North Korea

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Palestinians to end boycott of Jerusalem holy site

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World Health Organisation calls for scaling up tobacco control measures

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Lenovo Group Ltd announced on Thursday it had teamed up with Inc to build big data platform

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New World Economic Forum Investment Model Set to Transform Digital Adoption

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Neymar is ready to leave Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) €222 million

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ថៃចាប់បាន កំាភ្លើងត្បាល់ និងគ្រាប់រ៉ុក្កែត​ ថាទិញពីភាគីខ្មែរ

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Minister Bangladash Nurul Islam said No more workers will be detained in Malaysia

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